Thursday, March 13, 2014

Smart Crosswalks in London

London is set to test 'smart' crosswalks equipped with sensors and cameras to make crossing roads easier and safer for pedestrians. The introduction of Pedestrian Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique or 'Pedestrian SCOOT', is the first of its kind in the world and uses hi-tech video camera technology   to automatically detect how many pedestrians are waiting at crossings.   It enables the adjustment of traffic signal timings  automatically to extend the green pedestrian invitation to cross phase when large numbers of people are waiting, allowing   more people to cross the road. The first trials of pedestrian SCOOT are set to take place on crossings outside Balham and Tooting Bec Underground   stations this summer.   London will be the first city to use this kind of   technology in its pedestrian crossings, though SCOOT is   already used in traffic lights, to help control traffic   congestion, in London and other cities around the world,   including Toronto, Beijing and Santiago. Transport for London , the agency overseeing the   project, is also developing a 'call cancel' technology, which can detect when a pedestrian who has pushed the crossing button has either crossed before the signal goes green or   walks away, and therefore cancels the pedestrian crossing   phase. Read more here.

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