Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bogotá Bicycle Account

Bogotá’s reputation as a bike-friendly city dates to the late 1990s with two mayors that promoted bicycles as a viable mode of transportation and developed bikeways and other infrastructures. Although bicycle promotion and infrastructure construction have lagged since then, bicycle use in the city has steadily increased from around 0.5% of daily trips in 1996, before the construction of the first bikeways, to 6% in 2014. Bogotá 2014 Bicycle Account presents a preliminary English-language study of trends, perceptions and needs for cycling in Bogotá. It uses a combination of empirical data on bicycle infrastructure and use in Bogotá and survey data on social perceptions of bicycle use in the city. The Bicycle Account was produced by Despacio, a Bogotá-based NGO that conducts research to promote quality of life in all stages of the life cycle, with a particular focus on sustainable transport and urban development. Despacio hopes to produce future bicycle accounts to monitor and better understand the situation in Bogotá. This report can also serve as a model for other cities around the world wishing to do similar work.Summary and full doc is available here

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