Thursday, January 22, 2015

Last call for the European Cycling Challenge 2015

The European Cycling Challenge – ECC2015 is a urban cyclists team competition. It will take place from 1 to 31 May. Tt is a challenge among European cities: the city that “rides” the longest total distance wins! The challenge is open to all people living in participating cities, or travelling to/from those cities for work, study or other reason. All trips made by bicycle – except for sport activities – are accepted. For instance: journeys to and from workplace, school, cinema, to have shopping, etc… are valid journeys. The initiative, which is held every year throughout the month of May, sees the participating cities (each with its own official team) challenge each other in using bicycles as the method of urban transport. The European Cycling Challenge is organized by SRM, the Public Transport Authority of Bologna, and by the Municipality of Bologna. Those who participate are able to trace their movements with a free, smartphone App, contributing to the grand total of kilometers travelled in their city. The leaderboards are updated in real time, both on a local (between participants in a city) and European level (between cities), and are a fun way for citizens, colleagues and friends to compete both against each other and against rival cities. Read on here.

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