Monday, January 12, 2009

Spicycles Final Report Planning for Cycling

The Final Report on Planning for Cycling has been drawn up collecting information from all the partner cities in regards to the urban context, to the structure of the town and the characteristics of the transport system in particular regarding cycling subsystem. The high variability of the different contexts has been the greatest difficulty since they can be very small such for example Ploiesti but also very large like Rome and Berlin. Another problematic, finding good homogeneous reports in order to plan cycling inside the cities, is linked to the different sustainable politics on transportation among the several partners.The analysis of detailed activities implemented by the partners, showed that the different characteristics of the urban context influenced the resulted actions. In fact big towns such as Berlin and Rome focused planned the use of bicycles in relation with public transport, with the approach of developing the planning of journeys either using the cycles from origin towards interchange nodes or using public transport from interchange nodes until the final destination. Differently from cities above, smaller cities like Ploiesti developed the planning of bicycle use (and infrastructures related to) from the origin until the final destination. Read the full report with results here.