Sunday, January 4, 2009

Velo Mondial: The premier global sustainable mobility and cycling network

Velo Mondial has been promoting cycling as a positive mode of transport in the last 10 years. In various projects that we have been reporting about at our site and blog, we have been active in bringing cycling at the position where it is now: one of strong and positive opportunities for a world looking for sustainability. We will continue with organizing the most relevant global conferences on sustainable mobility and cycling as we have done in the past. We will cooperate with Europe based cycling conferences like Velo-City and the American conferences, and primarily we will continue to work with local governments and with knowledge based oriented organizations. In the future we will focus on sustainable mobility, with cycling as one of its prime opportunities. We will bring with us, all our experiences that we gathered in past projects. Now we will be working on: CIVITAS PLUS MIMOSA: Making Innovation in Mobilityand Sustainable Actions; in Gdansk, Talinn, Funchal, Bologna and Utrecht; Promoting a safer position for vulnerable road users in Brazil and India with a number of international partners.Amsterdam Cycling to Sustainability with a focus on knowledge and with ambitions to set up the Amsterdam International Academy for Sustainable Mobility. Hudson 400 with a global Conference in Amsterdam on Sustainable Mobility and with a Design Battle in New York. We will focus on systematically gathering information on sustainable mobility and make it available in innovative ways, as soon as it becomes available on our various websites.