Monday, January 12, 2009

Final Report Communication & Awareness

The share of cycling in the world is increasing. Spicycles is one of the Intelligent Energy Europe STEER projects that aim to demonstrate that the share of cycling can be increased even more. Colleague projects in Europe's STEER are Bypad and Astute; many other projects work parallel to strengthen the efforts. Actions in Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Göteborg, Ploiesti and Rome focus on bicycle communication through different marketing campaigns and improved cycling information. The overall goal is to encourage the use of cycling which will raise peoples' awareness, create a change in travel behavior and raise the status of the bicycle to become an attractive mode of transport. At the same time, other beneficial aspects, such as health, environment and safety are being highlighted. In order to encourage the use of cycling, activities such as marketing campaigns and improved cycling information have been carried out for all of the cities. However, the activities carried out and how they are carried out differ for each city as the prerequisites for working with cycling are very different. Here you will find the final report of the Communication and Awareness group.