Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gehl & Hook: a cool duo

Urban consultant Jan Gehl and Walter Hook have together set out ten key steps to creating more sustainable cities in a new publication “Our Cities Ourselves: 10 Principles for Transport in Urban Life”. What are the ten principles of sustainable transport? 1. Walk the walk: Create great pedestrian environments 2. Powered by people: Create a great environment for bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles 3. Get on the bus: Provide great, cost-effective public transport 4. Cruise control: Provide access for clean passenger vehicles at safe speeds and in significantly reduced numbers 5. Deliver the goods: Service the city in the cleanest and safest manner. 6. Mix it up: Mix people and activities, buildings and spaces. 7. Fill it in: Build dense, people and transit oriented urban districts that are desirable. 8. Get real: Preserve and enhance the local, natural, cultural, social and historical assets. 9. Connect the blocks: Make walking trips more direct, interesting and productive with small-size, permeable buildings and blocks. 10. Make it last: Build for the long term. Sustainable cities bridge generations. They are memorable, malleable, built from quality materials, and well maintained. Velo Mondial is happy to promote both authors and their 10 principles.