Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Less car policy' landed more scooters in Amsterdam

Velo Mondial sides with the majority of Amsterdammers who want the 21,000 (and counting) Amsterdam mopeds banned from the separated cycle paths in the city. Last year, the municipality promised to deal with moped problems, but a plan will probably not be presented until spring 2011. Political parties and cyclists’ organisations want mopeds banned from bicycle paths. When Velo Mondial guided a Taiwanese group showcasing Amsterdam, the leader of the group was knocked off her bike by a moped. The incident was no exception. People who ride a moped are not only themselves frequent victims of accidents; they also cause victims among cyclists. In addition, cyclists breathe small particles spread by scooters using the bicycle path. All kinds of organisations call for a solution. A Facebook group wants mopeds banned from bicycle paths. The Fietsersbond is collecting complaints and its Amsterdam branch will launch a petition in early October, in collaboration with environmental organisation Milieucentrum. As in other situations, the speed difference and the close proximity on the paths make the possibility of accidents high. The fact that mopeds go at a much faster speed than allowed makes the situation worse. Read more in News from Amsterdam here.