Thursday, September 16, 2010

ThinkBike in mini 'Amsterdam Bike Slam' format

The City of Toronto and the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands are hosting  bicycle planners on September 20th and 21st for the ThinkBike Workshop. For Velo Mondial Arjen Jaarsma from Balancia will be the leader of the Dutch delegation. Toronto and Dutch bicycle professionals will form two teams for this event. The teams will consider new elements to improve Toronto's cycling strategy. Each team will be given a Toronto cycling infrastructure problem to solve, the exercise will including drafting recommendations for marketing and communications. The two teams will be competing to develop the most exciting proposal. Explore the necessary treatments to convert the existing bicycle lanes along Sherbourne Street, from Queen’s Quay Boulevard to Elm Avenue, to a design that will provide a physical separation between bicycle lanes and the general purpose traffic lanes. Explore design options for locations where other bicycle lanes intersect Sherbourne Street. Intersection designs will consider existing on-street facilities, as well as physically separated design options for future development. Velo Mondial  sees this ThinkBike Workshop as a mini format that precedes the new and improved version of the 'Amsterdam Bike Slam' that we will offer the world imminently. Read more here.