Thursday, January 27, 2011

Global Car Sharing Organization

Eighteen carsharing organizations from around the world have announced formation of an association that sets the ethical, social and environmental bar for the carsharing industry. The driving principles of the new CarSharing Association (CSA) focus on environmental and social impact and responsibility, education, research and ethical practices. The goals of carsharing organizations in CSA include reducing the number of cars on the road, relieving congestion and increasing transportation options. Unlike “cars on demand” services, member carsharing organizations are “transit-oriented” services, encouraging carsharing as part of a sustainable transportation network of choices that includes walking, cycling, and transit. “We view our carsharing programs as a form of transit, getting people to the last leg of their destination,” said Benoît Robert, President-CEO of Communauto, based in Québec. “Communauto and other members of the Association provide an important public service that enhances mobility options while creating sustainable communities.” The Association’s member organizations span from Sydney to Halifax to Minneapolis to Sao Paolo and represent approximately 100,000 members across the globe. Read on here.