Friday, January 21, 2011

Ottawa's Five Pillars to Support Cycling

Cycling Vision imagines an Ottawa where people of all ages and ability feel comfortable and welcome getting around their city by bike. Building a city where cycling appeals to the many needs work on five pillars: Network Infrastructure: an effective network of cycling lanes, segregated lanes and pathways throughout the city. Such a network needs special intersection treatments, such as priority bicycle traffic signals and new pavement markings. Regular maintenance is important. Traffic calming of neighbourhoods is also part of this approach. Inter-modal Integration: better coordination of cycling with public transit. Destination Facilities: ample, convenient and sheltered bike parking. Workplace facilities for changing and storage. Education: particularly important in the school system, but also needed for both cyclists and drivers to increase respect for each other. Government Policies: transportation and land use measures to curb urban sprawl, reduce car usage and encourage local businesses. Better legislation to favour cyclists and pedestrians. Diversifying funding sources and reaching greater funding levels are also important policy tools. Increasing cycling levels will help make Ottawa greener, healthier, less congested and safer. Read more here.