Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is all relative ....

A hot, rainy summer and an early and cold winter in combination with the economic decline made many Dutch decide to refrain from buying a new bicycle in 2010. The total number of bicycles sold last year in The Netherlands (with 16 mio inhabitants) dropped to 1,186,000 units; 7% down on the 2009 total. The sector’s turnover was again saved by the e-Bike and decreased by only 3.5% to € 898 million. Electric bicycles were the only category which showed an increase in units sold related to 2009. The total number of e-Bikes sold rose from 153,720 in 2009 to 166,040 in 2010; 14% market share in the total number of bikes sold last year.  The average price of bicycles sold through the specialist dealer channel increased to €916. This is mainly the result of the growing e-Bike sales. The average price of bicycles is € 757. For 2011 the Rai association expects a stable market with a possible increase of 3% in units. However, this greatly depends on the new tax regime currently under discussion at the Dutch Government. The future of the Dutch “Bike to Work Scheme” is threatened by budget cuts. It might even be abolished completely. In 2010 this “Bike to Work Scheme” accounted for 16% of all bike sales, or 189,760 units. Read on here.