Saturday, May 14, 2011

Smart measures in ITS

The latest edition of the EPOMM e-update focuses on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). Not only do these systems provide the means to monitor and manage motorised traffic, they also have several promising applications for the "smart measures" of Mobility Management. In the first place, the information gathered through ITS can feed directly into passenger information systems and multi-modal journey planners. In this way, travelers can choose the transport mode that best suits their needs. Also, sustainable modes obtain a level of convenience that allows them to compete with the car. Another major evolution is the development of e-tickets, smart-cards and mobile payment - an evolution that makes public transport meet modern passenger expectations. Did you know for instance that in some cities, you can pay your bus ticket by simply holding your cell phone against a sign at the bus stop? The e-update contains many good examples and web links on ITS. The EPOMM e-update is the monthly thematic newsletter of the European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM). It is available in EN, FR, DE and IT. Sign up here. (

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