Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Ways of Working

A revolution that is taking place in the way we work and commute. The very nature of work is changing: it is no longer a place we go to, it is something we do. For numerous knowledge workers in our society, the job can be done independently of time and place, thanks to modern communication technologies. Through measures like teleworking, flexible hours and tele- and videoconferencing, our need to travel and the moments we choose to travel can be radically influenced. This results in benefits for employees, employers and society, as the work-life balance improves, productivity increases and congestion is relieved. Communication technologies also make it easier for self-employed people to start up a business and work from their homes or from work-hubs close to their homes. Some regions explicitly try to attract these creative talents as a boost for their local economies. The EPOMM e-update is the monthly thematical newsletter of the European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM). It is available in EN, FR, DE and IT. Sign up here.

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