Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Freight in Asia

Freight is the Cinderella of the transport sector worldwide but especially in Asia. Government policies tend to focus on private vehicles and public transport more than on trucks. Whether it is the introduction of cleaner fuels, fuel economy standards, tax incentives or investments in infrastructure to improve transport, the freight sector is still behind. This is despite of a huge potential to reduce fuel use and costs, and CO2 and air pollutant emissions from trucks in Asia. "Empty miles" (miles traveled without a load) is high and exacerbated by a fragmented sector, and thus efforts to improve freight logistics are initiated across Asia. A new Green Freight Website aims to improve access to information on policies and programs, technologies and logistics, and data relevant to the freight sector, especially for developing countries. By providing a platform for shippers, carriers, logistics providers, government agencies, practitioners and other stakeholders, they hope to encourage debate, sharing of experiences and establishing collaboration Information on the Green Freight and Logistics website is funded by the Energy Foundation and the World Bank, and with the support from other partners.

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