Thursday, February 2, 2012

Optimising Bike Sharing in Europe - A handbook

In recent years, numerous and diverse BSSs have been implemented in European cities. Starting with free, low-tech offers by a few enthusiasts, the schemes went through a two-fold development: high-tech systems with thousands of bikes and major funding requirements; and smaller, less expensive systems with lower usage rates. However, bike sharing is a recent development and little information regarding the suitability of different BSS models is available.The OBIS handbook presents interesting facts and figures from bike sharing schemes (BSS) in ten European countries. Scheme characteristics such as technology, scheme size, service design etc. are described in connection with external factors of the cities. Finally the handbook gives comprehensive advice for all three stages in the lifetime of a BSS: Planning, Implementation, Optimisation. The OBIS handbook is useful for local, regional and central governments involved in traffic issues, bike sharing providers and other companies and organisations related to bike sharing (such as providers of street furniture, outdoor advertisers, municipal parking operators), public transport operators, urban planners and cycling organisations. Obis_Handbook.pdf

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